My QX4

Most of us are familiar with Reddit. An online community where people share everything from news to things they learned that day. There is a particular community on this site that has an interest in all things cars. I was somewhat active on /r/cars but never really had a big involvement. A couple of months ago I got a creative itch and decided I wanted to design cars.

I took CAD classes in high school. I got this.

Bright me figured that with my limited knowledge of CAD software and automobiles that I was qualified to begin designing vehicles. My plan was to use the CAD software to create blueprints for a couple of vehicles I thought I could create. These vehicles were a coupe, a SUV, and a sedan. I was going to announce the beginning of my project on Reddit. I had seen users come together and express views on a range of automotive topics on the cars sub. Seeing as we all enjoy new endeavors (“we” don’t), I created a post telling all I would be doing such. I knew there would be static from people, so I fibbed a bit and announced my “team” would be creating the vehicles. Despite stating my qualifications, I came under a barrage of scrutiny. To disprove them I was going to create a totally legitimate website displaying progress. I had this.


Sure car companies had teams of hundreds of engineers and designers, but who needs that when you’ve got pride! After my announcement I planned to have the website ready by the next evening. I began to do research and quickly realized I was in over my head. Rather than do the humble thing and delete the post, I delayed it. I maybe told them a “team member” got into an accident. I maybe told them I would have it ready next week. I also maybe did no such thing. Who knows, I don’t have the best memory.

My post got downvoted quicker than defending Mustang driver. I have since abandoned that specific community and personally vowed to never show my face there again. I accidentally commented on a post a few weeks ago and hastily deleted it. I am ashamed to admit my shortcomings and libel. Day after day I see neat material and long desperately to interact. I guess I will remain a ghost of the community, which isn’t saying much because I never had a significant presence. That’s all for today folks.


Lesson: If you like a genuine group of people, do not lie to them.