This belongs on Sunset Blvd.

Let’s be real, most people who buy a G-Wagon are not interested in it’s triple locking diffs or ability to climb stairs. So rather than rant about it being an exquisite off-road machine, we’ll discuss the luxury appearance. With the design remaining basically the same since the prehistoric era, from the exterior the crazy G63's and 65's are almost indistinguishable from early models to the average consumer.

So rather than piss off old Jeepers, scoop up this wealth cloak for 16K. This specific one has been fooled with by RennTech. A company which seems to be Brabus’s chilled out cousin. The seller notes 15oK on the body and 100K since Renntech tinkered with it. With a salvage title it proceeds to throw red flags on the field. If you are mechanically inclined, it can be worked on. Parts for the 300GE can be sourced from cheaper Euro models rather than those crazies at AMG. And hey, wilder purchases have been made.

Mmm lockers...

The interior is clean and seems to have been taken care of or at least restored nicely. The seller denotes oil changes every 3000 miles yet it still boast an oil thirsty 3.6. However he states the oil consumption is typical of Renntech engines. Yikes, maybe they started off working with Fiats. Anyway, The engine is matted to an assumed W463 4-speed transmission.


If you are able to keep it running, your poor friends will think you just became a refined investor. Maybe if you just park it you’ll never have to prove anything. Then when it snows you can reassure your friends you’re still mental by driving your “Expensive G-Wagon” around the meadow.

The interior seems pristine.


If you want to pull the trigger you can find it here on craigslist and here on bringatrailer. Your move Germany.